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The Benefits of Content Marketing – Salon Marketing

Salon content marketing is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your business website and also to convert new customers. Creating a blog allows you to post fresh interesting articles to your site on a regular schedule. These articles or blog posts can be on a variety of subjects in the salon niche. The blog posts should be helpful, entertaining, and leaving the reader wanting more.

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You can divide the blog posts into categories for easier navigation. Your categories might be something like “Salon Marketing”, “Tutorials”, “Before and After”, just as an example.

Salon Marketing

So given the above category, here are some ideas for articles in Salon Marketing:

  • How to get more salon clients
  • How to improve salon business
  • Salon marketing strategies
  • Salon ideas

Hairstyle Tutorials

For Tutorials, the list could be about many different hairstyle tutorials such as:

  • Braid hairstyles tutorial
  • Updo hairstyles tutorial
  • Braided ponytail hairstyle tutorial
  • Topsy Fishtail Braid

Before and After Hair Blog Posts

A “Before and After” can be basically any cut, color, or style that is a transformation. These type of posts usually entail two photos which show a dramatic change – before and after.

Benefits of Content Marketing

The hardest part about content marketing is simply getting started. It will take some work and you will need to set aside some time to decide what to write about and to put together an article.

But please realize that once you create that first article and it goes on your site, it is there working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That blog post is an investment in your business and the benefits that you will reap include the following:

  • Increased Website Content – more content on your site will keep web visitors on your site longer. This should lead to increased trust in your brand (salon), more return visits, and higher conversion rates. Overall, more time on your site is a good thing. The longer that you have their attention, the better. 🙂

  • More Search Engine Real Estate – as you add a new blog post to your site you are adding more content, when in fact you are claiming more web real estate. As you write posts about different topics, you have the ability to rank for more keywords and search term queries such as “Braid hairstyles tutorial” for example. The more blog posts you add, the more opportunities there will be for additional keyword ranking and website visibility.

  • Brand Authority – as you continue to write more and more articles in the salon niche, you will be developing trust with your readers. You will be perceived as an authority in your niche.

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The Power of a Blog for a Salon Website

Using a blog as a vehicle for your content portion of your salon marketing efforts is an excellent way to increase the exposure of your website and will ultimately help to build your business. The blog topics that you could write about are endless. Give it a try. You may be surprised at the results.

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